First activity on my trip- Manhattan beach 10K Run, Los Angeles

Flew 11.5 hours and finally arrived in LA on Oct 4 in the evening. But need to get ready to get up and be at the manhattan beach for 10K run on Oct 5th at 7:30am. Have registered this run long ago and I dragged my friend David to join me for it. He was kindly enough to jog along with me.

This is the first thing I have planned on my trip and actually the only thing I planned to do in LA. RUN!!
The run started at 7:30am and there are so many people already there warming up and getting ready for the run. It has been such a blessing with a beautiful weather like today! 32 degrees!! It feels like summer with nice breeze running around manhattan beach area. Loving it!

I used to run for the charity events in New York City on the east coast now for the west coast so what will be next?

I guess on this run- I am probably the only runner flew all the way from overseas to join. But its truly amazing to be with thousands of runners.

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