Chefs day out, North east coast of Taiwan

When I am in Taiwan, I hardly go for western food. It is simple because there are so many good local Taiwanese restaurants why do I have to drag myself to go for something more expensive and I would probably get myself upset by having those afterwards.

A good long time chef friend Corey Lee- chef/owner of Benu in downtown San Francisco. We worked together 10 years ago at Per Se and He is probably the most talented chef I have ever seen. Great chef to work with but you also must know ” what the HELL you are doing in the kitchen” otherwise, he would definitely yell the shit out of you!! I have seen him yelled at so many chefs on line and made them cried at their station until they slowly left the kitchen while we were all in the shit busy cooking. But I still LOVE HIM!! That’s how great he is.

Took him a very long time to visit Taiwan after I left New York City and visited him in San Francisco so many times. He has this great opportunity to come to Taiwan and worked on this dinner with Andre Chiang (another talented Taiwanese chef) at the Regent Hotel Taipei. Anyway, long story short…I wanted to take him and two other chefs from Benu out of Taipei city and introduced them to another good Chinese banquet chef friend of mine – Chef Guo who can hold up a 1000 tables of banquet a night without a second thought. East coast is my favorite place to go. The view is amazing and unbeatable I must say and seafood restaurants along the coast line just so fresh!!

Brian, Sara(me),Corey(behind me), Brandon, Chef Guo (from left to right)

The one next to the temple operates by his brother. Chef Guo is in charge of the Banquet area.

After the lunch we drove up to Jiufen, a small town in north east coast of Taiwan. Such a busy area to be at all time. We went up there and went for a tea place able to get a great ocean view.

Time to run back to Taipei and meet up with Andre for dinner….at this old area of Taipei for more yummy seafood!

Brandon is enjoying his food so much!!

Corey and Andre

After the dinner…we head to Shilin night market! Get some durian for Brandon and Brian never had a chance to try those but their facial expression definitely not enjoyed it at all!

And then watching four big kids loved to play at the adult ground!! Sudarampai(Andre’s wife) and I just watched four big kids along the way at night market.

At the end of the night, we all tired! It was the last night of Corey, Brandon and Brian’s stay in Taipei and I hope they all had great time and enjoyed their stay and visit. I will see them in few weeks in San Francisco.

4 thoughts on “Chefs day out, North east coast of Taiwan

  1. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to show us the ins and outs of Taipei. We could not have had a better person to show us. We are very grateful and had a blast. Thank you Sara!

    1. Brandon, you are very welcome and that’s what friend there for! I am glad you guys had good time while you were here. come visit soon but maybe Sanya next time 🙂 See you all in few weeks. I want some awesome food when I get there.

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