Xinjiang, China

Step into another world which I have never thought this part of world would be so beautiful – Xinjiang, China. When I went up to Tienshan Grand Canyon, I thought I was in the states or Europe. The air was crisp and the sky is so blue.

Sometimes photos actually can express better than the words. I had a little conversation with one of the little girl who lives in the Mongolian tent, I know they may not have a luxury life but what they have – the nature, peace and all is priceless.

In the winter time, the temperature drop to below 30 degrees and the only way to keep them warm is to drink a lot of liquor, eat mutton and beef. There is a saying in Chinese – When you come to Xinjiang, all you need to do is drink a lot of liquor and eat a lot of meats!

Nan is a baked bread in the brick oven, it comes in several toppings and this was the only gift I brought home after this trip. It actually quiet good to pair with wine and cheese.

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