Pork noodle soup – Beitou, Taiwan

This is one of the MUST EAT place for me on my day off. This place is always packed with a lot of people order the food to go or eat in. The reason why I like this place more than the others because the pork usually fresh made, no frozen meat, the owner do not leave the stock over night! Pork was cut into big piece, it was not like most of the place you would have, For most of people may think its a small vendor place why bother so much to keep the quality up to the standard. So, As a chef like me, I worship for the people care for what they cook and give to others. This is all about respect !

This morning, I decided to stop by and order a bowl of dry noodle to go with the pork in quenelle shape and once I took a bite into it, I could tasted the real piece of pork. This is all very straightforward.

On the photos, you will see the address, how people line up and all.

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